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What are the Expectations for Parents?

7 Apr 2024 2:56 PM | Anonymous

→ In an effort to maintain a manageable ratio of kids:parents, we would need between around 10-14 parents every hour that are in the “educator” role, with 2-3 adults in each class all day. This means that members who participate in the co-op for the full day are required to be teaching or aiding a class for 2 out of the 4 classes during a day. Half day parents who are only present for 2 classes are required to aid/teach in 1 of the classes. All families are required to participate in a cleaning duty each week that could look like vacuuming a room, wiping down tables, dust mopping the gym, emptying garbage cans, or watching children while other hive members take part in cleaning duties. 

The classes offer, depend on the needs of the membership. We typically have a Toddlers Class, Early Learners (4-9) Class, and an Experienced Learners (10+) Class. We've added in other classes when necessary, such as a Nursery (0-1) or Intermediate (6-9). With the rooms we have available, and with the membership needs presented to us, we have the ability to adjust the offered classes as is necessary.

→ The hive leadership lays the groundwork for the curriculum for the classes. This consists of: 

  • Assigning the themes

  • Providing materials such as books, craft supplies, resources, websites, etc. for activities suggested pertaining to the theme

  • Ensuring that the supply fee money is put toward supplies requested by the lead teachers

  • Lending assistance in planning/brainstorming any additional ideas for the day’s fun

If you’ve got ideas and you want to run with something, go for it! Let us know what is needed for supplies within a reasonable time frame, and we can make it happen. But it does mean that if you can’t think of what Engineering activity to do with Experienced Learners in relation to the Mammals (for example), we’ve got your back. 

→ Parents will also be required to participate in the NYS Mandated Reporter online training per the building's rules and insurance purposes. Additionally, we crosscheck all members with the NYS sex offender registry before every session. If you have already completed the Mandated Reporter training for the 2023-2024 you are not required to complete it again. It is about 2 hours long and we request that you send your certificate of completion to our email address before you can be allowed to start your winter session with us. The training is free at 

As per federal requirements, all 501c3 nonprofit corporations are required to make their filing forms readily accessible to the public. To view the forms we've filed with the IRS go to the link below and look up by name: hive collective inc. 

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