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Meet the Leaders

Let's introduce you to the ladies on the Executive Committee of the hive!

President Shannon Hawkins

Shannon has a wild, radical soul and passion for creation. She enjoys spending time with her 3 kids, gardening, and homesteading. Shannon wants to build a strong community and bring back the women's village. She enjoys camping and being barefoot outdoors. 

Vice President & Treasurer Sydney Harvey

Sydney is an outgoing and passionate woman. A mother of four (soon to be 5!) and avid learner; she spends her free time listening to audiobooks and researching whatever her latest (usually historical) interest happens to be. As a homeschooling, home birthing, and homesteading mama— you could say that home is her happy place.

Secretary Mandy Schmidt

Mandy has been homeschooling for 6 years and has three children. She enjoys the outdoors, camping, and having her nose in a book. Her and her husband are very talented musicians who often play out at venues. Always willing to step up and help out, Mandy is a great addition to our team!

As per federal requirements, all 501c3 nonprofit corporations are required to make their filing forms readily accessible to the public. To view the forms we've filed with the IRS go to the link below and look up by name: hive collective inc. 

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