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What if I Can't Attend Co-Op One Week?

7 Apr 2024 2:45 PM | Anonymous

Absence Policy

In an effort to keep everyone wanting to come back (and to stop parents from choosing between going to co-op sick just to prevent a day where you educate all day long, or staying home), we have decided not to have a make-up requirement. But in doing so, absences will be more harshly felt in the hive. If there aren’t enough parents to cover the individual classes, then we will be forced to merge in the gymnasium for the majority of the day. This limits the children’s abilities to do the fun things planned for the day greatly, but it is the only option left to us if we don’t have enough parents on site to man the individual classrooms. The hope is to always have 2 parents on site for back ups, but it does leave us the only option being to utilize the gym if no one is willing to cover a parent's absence. Both Sydney and Shannon plan on being available for coverage as a last resort if need be. We will not force a parent to educate 3 times in one day due to someone else’s absence. Coverage is on a volunteer basis only, there will be no reprisals for refusing to cover when approached to do so. Missing 3 or more class days out of the ten is putting your ability to participate in the next school year in jeopardy. We understand there are emergencies, illnesses, vacations and family concerns. Let us know what’s going on and we are more than willing to work with you!

Having worked with this policy already, we've found that without the pressure of expectations nor the fear of reprisals, there is a lot of breathing room. People are far more willing to step into the roles that need filling when they know it's their choice, and that others will be willing to do the same for them!

Order of Operations for Absences

1: As soon as you are aware that you will be absent, please attempt to arrange coverage via personal text message or posting in the private members facebook group. 2: Whether or not you can find coverage, still contact Sydney Harvey or Shannon Hawkins to let us know that you are going to be absent. If you haven’t found coverage, we can take it from there and attempt to find someone to put in your place. 

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