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What Does a Typical Day at Co-Op Look Like?

7 Apr 2024 2:36 PM | Anonymous

→ Each week will have a theme for the whole co-op. The activities of that day will be centered upon a theme that is separated into smaller bite-sized chunks in order to look at a whole topic from multiple angles.

→ Each day, kids will have a rotation of four classes. The activities planned for the children will be within the categories of Science, Art, Engineering/Building, or Movement. By tackling the theme through these class types, we hope to give way to a more thorough (and fun!) understanding of a topic. We have sensory options for all ages, books at the ready always, and a way to build/create as options alongside the theme activities— this is the atmosphere of child-led learning and choice. It is our belief that all of our kids are so smart, and following their lead will empower their confidence and bring joy to the prospect of learning.

→ Toddlers (0-3) have Movement, two Art classes, and a period of Free Play. Early, Intermediate, and Experienced Learners (4-18) have Movement, Art, Science, and Engineering classes. In the middle of the day we have half an hour of lunch and a half an hour of recess. At the end of the day, we take part in clean up. Some sessions, we have music lessons throughout the day as well. 

→ Children 4+ will also have the option to participate in Music Classes/Lessons depending on age group and needs. Follow our facebook page for more information as we get closer to the Fall Session Start!

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