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Child's T-Shirt

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Youth XS - Youth XL: Get the hive logo t-shirt for the whole family! This shirt order will be sent in when we receive our minimum order (20 adult shirts). It will take 2-3 weeks for the shirts to be printed and ready for pick up. You will be emailed when the order is sent to our shirt company, and you'll be emailed when we have an ETA. When they are in, the shirts will be brought to co-op where you can get yours! If you will not be attending the program, you will receive an email when the shirts are picked up in order to coordinate a meet-up to get you your shirts. This way, we all avoid shipping costs! The logo will be in the upper center front of the shirt (much like other t-shirts you typically see with a design on the front). The shirts will be 100% Cotton, and we have not experienced shrinking of previous shirt orders. All fees and taxes included.

As per federal requirements, all 501c3 nonprofit corporations are required to make their filing forms readily accessible to the public. To view the forms we've filed with the IRS go to the link below and look up by name: hive collective inc. 

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